Alumni Association

The University Alumni Association serves all alumni, whether you graduated from the College, attended one of the divisional graduate programs, earned a degree in Law, Medicine, Social Service Administration, Education, Public Policy, Library Science, Business, or Divinity, or (as in the case with many of our intellectually energetic alumni) exercised several of these options.

Alumni Association Services and Benefits

Alumni ID Card

The tangible proof of your alumni status is your Alumni ID card. This card grants you reference privileges at all University libraries, with borrowing privileges available at an additional charge from the library cashier. The card can also be presented at the Field House to arrange access (at an annual charge) to any of the athletic facilities. To obtain your Alumni ID, stop by Alumni House with your driver's license or other photo identification and a card will be prepared on the spot. You can also mail or fax a copy of your driver's license along with a note requesting an Alumni ID to the Alumni Association and your card will be mailed to you.

Alumni Careers Network

The Alumni Careers Network is a password-protected online database of nearly 15,000 alumni from 40 countries who have volunteered to provide informational interviews to University of Chicago students and alumni. Ask the questions that matter to you and receive valuable insight about the day-to-day workings of careers in which you’re interested.

Alumni Directory

Have you lost touch with old friends? Find them again by checking out the online listing of University graduates. But remember: Friends can’t find you if your information isn’t current! Be sure to let us know of changes in your contact information so everyone can stay in touch.

Alumni Events

Find alumni events in your region and register for them online.


Use your ID and password to access the transcripts. This will allow you to order transcripts electronically either by ordering them individually or using the transcript-for-life service. (A fee may apply.)

E-mail Forwarding

The University provides all alumni with e-mail forwarding. Using this system, you will no longer have to live with the e-mail address issued to you by your Internet Service Provider, or have your address change each time you switch providers.

Interact & Collaborate

A platform that presents a collection of thought-provoking samples from the University's intellectual life, both past and present.

Personal Interviews

Critical thinking and lively debate are at the center of a University education and continue to engage alumni after they leave campus.

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